Monday, February 3, 2020

20 easy ways to reach your savings goals in 2020

A few weeks back I shared 20 easy tips for reaching your health goals in 2020 so today I thought I'd share my tips fore reaching the other most common type of resolution; savings goals. Even if my didn't make an official money/ savings goal for 2020 these tips are so easy you could incorporate one without trouble. I recently saw something on instagram that said the way to spend $1000 in a year is to spend $19.23 a week. When you think about it that, saving $1000 in a year seems very doable! Here are my 20 easy ways!

  1. have a no spend month 
  2. pay your savings account at the beginning of the month 
  3. download the grocery store app and shop the sales
  4. pack your lunch 
  5. never buy something just because "it's on sale"
  6. enjoy date night at home
  7. sell your less worn items on Poshmark
  8. cut a subscription service 
  9. plan minimal ingredient meals
  10. pick up a side hustle 
  11. go out for happy hour drinks + apps instead of dinner 
  12. cash in your credit card points
  13. make your coffee at home 
  14. get a library card 
  15. ask for a raise 
  16. buy frozen veggies vs. fresh
  17. "shop" your closet
  18. swap accessories with a friend 
  19. ask yourself if you really need it before making a purchase 
  20. have a clear vision of what you're saving for 
What are your tips to reach your savings goals? 

Want more tips on reaching your savings goals? Go check out this old post I wrote 

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