Monday, March 23, 2020

6 easy meals to make now

Starting at midnight Dallas County is under a shelter in place ordnance which means the only outings for the foreseeable future are to the grocery store. We've been really lucky and haven't had any issues finding groceries so far, even being able to buy our usual brands. I hope you're having the same luck where you are.

Today I wanted to share a few easy meals to make now. These are all recipes that either require very few ingredients or are flexible in what ingredients you do use. I think that's the key to cooking at home when you're under stress. I'd love to cook elaborate meals, but even if I could find the ingredients I'm too stressed to prepare anything elaborate. If you have any easy meals, I'd love you to share them below!

1. Breakfast for Dinner - Eggs may be a little difficult to find right now, but you can probably easily find pancake mix, breakfast meat, and fruit. For a little extra protein you can put some peanut butter on your pancakes when they're hot and it melts like syrup.

2. Ranch PorkChops - Pork seems to be the easiest meat to find right now and this is the perfect recipe for them! All you need are pork chops, ranch seasoning, butter and a crockpot or instantpot. Any side veggie or starch you have works well with this for a complete meal

3. Frozen Pizza and Salad - Is this the most exciting meal? No way, but it is easy and probably something you can find in your grocery store. You can also keep eating different variations of this depending on what flavors are in stock in your store.

4. One Pan Sausage and Vegetables - This is one of our favorite meals no matter what is going on in the world. You can use whatever produce you can find; potatoes, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, etc. To make it a little more filling I'll serve it over rice or with a salad on the side.

5. Ravioli Bake - I've never tried this recipe personally but it looks super simple and yummy. You could also leave out the meat to make this an easy vegetarian meal and I bet the leftovers are delicious. Plus it's a little fancier than regular spaghetti.

6. Snack Plate - This is one of my favorite meals, especially for a day spent watching tv. The best part about this meal is you literally can't mess it up and it's a great way to use whatever you already have on hand. Some great items to include are cheeses, lunch meat, boiled eggs, pickles, crackers, olives, dips or spreads, sliced raw veggies, and nuts.

Stay Safe and Wash Your Hands!

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