Monday, April 13, 2020

Go-to DFW restaurants

Back in January I shared 20 DFW restaurants I want to try this year. I'm happy to report that before this virus outbreak we'd actually crossed a couple of those off the list! But today I wanted to share our go-to DFW restaurants. These are the places we keep finding ourselves going back and back to during the last two years that I've called Dallas home. My husband grew up in Dallas and some of these are places he's been going with his family since childhood! If you're in DFW and looking for a local restaurant to support right now, you can't go wrong with any of these!

Mariano's - The Best Mexican food in DFW, hands down, no contest. My regular order : frozen margarita (they were invented here!), queso, and the chicken tortilla soup

Burger House - My husband grew up down the street from here and would ride his bike to grab a cheeseburger. He's now 30 and the workers still know him by name. These are everything a classic burger should be! My regular order : single cheese burger with mayo, lettuce, pickle and a cheese fry to share

Yolk - This breakfast spot is really close to our church so we would stop for (non-alcholic) brunch after Sunday service. My regular order : iced coffee with the green eggs and ham (scrambled eggs with pesto, swiss cheese and ham) with cheesy grits and an english muffin. If you want something healthy, the South Beach is also really good!

Bubba's - This is another spot my husband grew up going with his family that we've adopted as one of our go-to spots. My regular order : grilled tenders with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy. PS : the roll with honey butter is 100% worth the calories

iFratelli's - This is our favorite pizza delivery both at home and at my office. They have a few locations across the metroplex, so if you're in DFW chances are you have a location near by. My regular order : at home we love just a classic pepperoni, but at work we love the staff special with grilled chicken, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts

Wang's - The best Chinese takeout in DFW! I was super skeptical the first time my husband brought me here because there was literally nobody eating inside, but as we were waiting for our order I quickly realized nobody eats in, but tons of people order takeout. My regular order : Garlic chicken, egg rolls, and crab puffs. If we're wanting a lot of leftovers we'll also order pork lo mein.

Sammy's BBQ - This holds a special place in my heart because my husband took me here the first time he brought me home to meet his family and it's where we had our rehearsal dinner. They're only open for lunch as they close once they sell out. My regular order : sausage and potato casserole are a must get every time and then I'll switch out my second meat and side depending on what I'm in the mood for

New York Subs - Another of my husband's childhood favorites; they'd get these for bus rides to away football games in high school. These are simple classic sub sandwiches but are so so good! My regular order : Half a # 3 (ham and cheese) with mayo, lettuce, and the special sauce and a bag of creole onion Zapps

Truck Yard - This is one of our favorite casual date night spots. There's an inside part for hot nights, but the real fun is sitting outside by the different food trucks that rotate out each day. My regular order : inside they always have philly cheesesteak and they're so good! I go with steak, provolone, onions, and peppers with the spicy ranch! Oh and the twisted mule on tap

Tasty Tails - As someone who grew up with a boat docked at my house, I'm very picky about seafood, especially seafood claiming to be "New Orleans style". But eating here reminds me of eating back in my hometown. My regular order : small shrimp Po'boy with tartar sauce and cajun fries

Rosa's - If we're in the mood for fast, but good mexican food this is where we go. One Tuesdays they do a $5 taco plate! My regular order : crunchy beef tacos, and yes, you do also need to eat the soft tortillas that come with your order because they are worth the carbs

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