Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What I've read in 2020 - Quarter 1

Earlier this year I made the decision to be more intentional with my time. Part of that goal was so that I could devote more time to reading instead of mindlessly scrolling social media. I've now read 10 books in 2020, only 2 less than I read in all of 2019, so obviously this goal is working. Today I wanted to share some reviews of what I've read in 2020 in case you're looking for a new book to read.

The Diplomat's Daughter - 5/5  This one was very interesting because it told a WW2 story from a perspective I've never considered. It tells the story of a Japanese diplomat's daughter stationed in America at the outbreak, a first generation American of German heritage, and an Austrian Jewish boy.

The Huntress - 5/5  I know it's early but I'm calling this my best read of 2020. It was slightly predictable, but the writing kept me interested and wanting to keep reading. Its about the hunt for a female nazi, nicknamed the huntress, after the end of the war.

Campaign Widows -  4/5   This was a fun frivolous read, especially during a campaign year! You don't really need to know anything about politics to enjoy this one, but if you do you'll probably pick up some extra funny bits. It follows a candidate's wife, former speechwriter, digital media editor, Georgetown "It" woman, and morning talkshow producer as they navigate election season.

The List - 4/5  The only reason this didn't get a full 5 stars is because I thought the ending was rushed after such a great buildup. I will say I was a journalism major and political science minor so that might have something to do why I enjoyed this one so much. Adrienne returns to her old stomping grounds of DC to work at the hottest news site in town as a style writer when she stumbles upon a story that is too big to not pursue.

Rush - 3/5   I wanted to love this one so much more than I did. Maybe I was just critical because I was a sorority girl at Ole Miss and found the over explanations of Oxford and Ole Miss student life to be exhausting? This story revolves around sorority rush at Ole Miss and tells the story from the point of view of a long time house staff member, a new house advisor, and a girl from a small town going through the process.

Bond Girl - 4/5   I may have been a little generous with this rating, but overall it was enjoyable. If you know anything about working in finance (I don't) you may have different feelings, but because I know nothing it was interesting to have a little peak into that world. This tells the story of a new graduate as she navigates life working on wall street leading up to the financial crisis of 2008.

The Last Train to London - 5/5   This was a very well written account of a part of WW2 I knew nothing about. After finishing this one I did some googling to see how much was real and it was heartwarming to find this true story of goodness during a time of such evil. This book is about the Kindertransport that brought thousands of Jewish children safely out of Germany at the beginning of WW2.

Playing with Matches - 3/5  This was so good until the end. I'll just say I didn't see the end coming and wasn't too happy about it. This is a fun light read about a girl who's first job out of college is as a matchmaker for a paid dating site.

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows - 2/5   So the story of this one was really really good, but I was NOT prepared for there to be actual erotic stories included. Had those been excluded this probably would have been a 4 or even 5 star read. The story centers around a girl who takes a job in what she thinks is to teach a creative writing workshop at the community center for Punjabi women. She quickly learns they are not able to read or write English, but they have a gift for story telling that others in the community do not know about.

The Lost Girls of Paris - 4/5   A story of female spies during WW2. It reminded me of The Alice Network, but not as good. A good quick read for someone wanting a historical fiction read.

What have you read so far in 2020?

PS : I've linked everything to Amazon because I think it's the easiest shipping/availably situation, but if able I encourage you to shop your favorite small local bookstore. My favorite is Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi - for now they are currently shipping!

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