Monday, May 11, 2020


Watching - Last month we got cable again after not having it for a year and I am taking full advantage of it! I cannot get enough FoodNetwork or HGTV even when that means watching 5 episodes of Chopped in a day. I always tell myself I'm going to watch something else, but before long I end up back on one of these two stations.

Listening - The other day I was listening to the Broadway station on Pandora and a song came on that I'd never heard. After a little research I learned it was from the musical SIX, which is the story of King Henry the Eighth's six ex-wives. I have since become obsessed with the soundtrack!

Buying - I finally caved and ordered this dress from Target that I've wanted since March. I snagged it during their recent 30% off sale and also snagged this other adorable spring dress. This weekend I used a gift card to buy a few books when it was announced that the city of Dallas is furloughing the librarians until July 31 and I realized I'm not getting that book I'm next on the waitlist for anytime soon. These are the only purchases (other than food/bills) I've made in 2 months! One positive of this pandemic is it has caused me to have a "no spend" month without even realizing it.

Wanting - Ever since we moved into our house a year ago I've wanted to change the light above the kitchen table. Now that I sit under it for 8 hours a day working I really want to change the light. I'd describe my style as industrial farmhouse and have my eye on something like this or this or something very traditional like this. It's just so hard to know which I'll prefer without seeing them in the person.

Eating - We've been in a really good routine lately where we grab takeout from a favorite restaurant once on the weekend and once or twice during the week, cooking all our other meals at home. I haven't made anything too crazy yet, but I have my eyes on a few recipes I want to try for a fancy weekend date night at home.

Hoping - That all of this is over in the next month or so. I have a trip to Florida planned for mid June that I haven't pulled the plug on yet. Realistically I know the chances of it happening are very very slim, but I'm just not ready to accept it won't happen. Luckily I was going with family so I only booked a flight myself and only have to worry about canceling that.

Accepting - That 2020 is not the year I go to Europe. For years I planned and saved to go for my 25th birthday, but then I was in the middle of my first summer in Vail and had approximately 2 days of PTO so that didn't happen. Then last year I'd hoped to go for our honeymoon, but this time my husband didn't have enough PTO time to go so we did a long weekend trip to DC instead. We'd been planning to go for our first anniversary this fall, but with the state of things I just don't see that happening. Even if we can go, it may not be safe to go, plus I'm not feeling enough job security to drop that much cash on flights that we'd only get refunded in the form of credits. We were also planning to add a couple days onto the back of a work trip this summer and spend my birthday in Disney Land, but that's also not happening now. This is a major bummer because we hope to have a baby in 2021, so we won't be planning any major trips next year.

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