Monday, May 4, 2020


My grandmother passed away two weeks ago. She was 89 and healthy except for bad knees that caused a fall in mid March. That fall meant she needed surgery and then time spent in a rehab center; it was here that she was exposed to Covid-19. The first week of April she was moved from the rehab center back to the hospital, moved to a Covid ICU floor and intubated. On Monday April 20th my mom called to let me know the hospital was letting her and my aunt and uncle in to say goodbye. Around 9:30pm that evening I got the call I'd been dreading for over a month. The doctors tell us she went immediately and peacefully in the end; a small comfort. She was laid to rest 5 days later with a private funeral of only 8 family members present. My husband and I did not attend because it's not safe or responsible to travel to New Orleans right now.

My Mimi loved to read and all things sports. When we were little she'd take us for walks and then feed us ice cream. We grew up a hour away and she was really the only babysitter my parents trusted so I have so many memories with her. She made delicious white beans and rice and fried pork chops. She was smart, stubborn, and spirited. She fiercely loved us and we loved her. We miss her deeply.

so thankful the last memory I have with Mimi is from my wedding

I'm not sharing this story today for pity. Pity and sympathy won't bring Mimi back. I share her story to remind you that as updated numbers are reported each day these are not just "cases" these are loved ones. Every life taken from Covid-19 is not just a statistic, but a person deeply missed. I am so thankful for every memory I have of her, but am completely heartbroken knowing she won't be here for more.

As more and more states move to "reopen the economy" remember to use good sense. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and take advantage of to-go or curbside pickup when available. If not for yourself, for someone else's Mimi.

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