Monday, June 29, 2020

birthday wish list

My birthday is just over a month away and to say I'm a little bummed is an understatement. When 2020 started I thought I'd be ringing in 29 with a dole whip while riding Jungle Cruise in Disneyland. Obviously that won't be happening this year. Instead I'm hoping to spend the day quietly at home starting with a donut and then some reading and finishing the day with takeout from my favorite Mexican restaurant. Aside from that queso there really isn't much I want for my birthday, but my sweet husband has requested I publish a birthday wish list, so here we are.

coffee sticks - These are technically for cocktails, but I think they'd bring me extra joy in my morning coffee. I especially love the Big Tex, party flamingo, and piƱata ones.

headband - Specifically this one in rainbow stripe bright. One day we'll go back out in public and this headband would go with so much

leggings - People swear these are as good as the lululemon ones, but at a fraction of the price. I practically live in leggings so I'd be excited to try these out

kitchenwares - Anything from my kitchenwares wishlist post would be appreciated

t-shirt quilt - I have way too many shirts from college that I don't wear anymore, yet can't bare to part with. A t-shirt quilt seems like the perfect solution

gardening - Since we moved into our house a year ago I've been saying I want to do some landscaping out front, but haven't yet

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