Wednesday, September 23, 2020

fall 2020 bucket list

To say I've been anxiously awaiting fall is an extreme understatement. This summer has honestly kinda sucked and the promise of crisp fall days sounds so much better. With fall officially starting this week I wanted to share my fall 2020 bucket list. 

  • Re-read one Harry Potter book - these just scream fall to me 
  • Make an at home "tailgate" for an Ole Miss or Dallas Cowboys football game - the best part of at home football means you can drink without having to worry about a DD 
  • Vote in the 2020 elections! - Seriously this should be on everyone's list 
  • Make homemade chili from scratch - the perfect fall meal 
  • Celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary - if you have gift ideas let me know! 
  • Bake a pumpkin pie - my favorite fall treat! 
  • Decorate for Christmas - because Christmas starts as soon as you finish Thanksgiving turkey 

What's on your fall 2020 bucket list? 

Monday, September 21, 2020

current favorite content creators

Today I wanted to give little shoutouts to some of my favorite content creators. These are people that bring me joy and I hope they'll do the same for you! Kindness and encouragement costs nothing; I want to get better about promoting those I enjoy. There is room for everyone at the top! 

the_pastaqueen on TikTok- All her dishes look delicious! She makes fancy pasta seem really easy to make on TikTok - When I'm having a bad day nothing cheers me up faster than these videos. Tatum is a talking dog who loves watermelon and chicken nuggets 

coachcurtis88 on TikTok- He's a high school US history teacher and makes fun and informative TikToks with historical facts 

stephgrassodietitian on TikTok - healthy living tips from someone actually qualified to give that information, crazy! She's a clinical dietitian nutritionist so I feel confident in her advice, plus she doesn't push crazy fad diets  

scheckeats on Instagram - Jeremy writes a food blog aimed at college students, so while all the recipes seem fancy they're actually pretty easy. 

ali_gracemorsell on Instagram - I originally found Ali Grace from TikTok but love her Instagram more because she posts more content, including her precious little boy. She posts lots of fun recipes and what she packs her husband for lunch each day 

dcgirlinpearls on Instagram- Lauren is a long time follow; honestly I think she was one of the original blogs I started reading. She's also one of the few bloggers I've consistently followed because she posts relatable content without being annoying 

elizaenneagram on Instagram- I'm currently obsessed with enneagrams and I love how she colorfully and creatively illustrates them. For anyone wondering I'm a type two. 

signetsealed on Instagram - Sarah is an artist that I've included in some past gift roundup posts. She started by drawing city themed prints, but has expanded into television series coloring pages, Bachelor/Bachelorette weekly recaps, and fun themed bingos. She also has an adorable rescue greyhound named Moose who is reason enough to give her a follow 

She's Probably Busy on apple podcasts - This is a fairly new podcast that I learned about because one of the hosts is actually my sorority sister! Two 20 something girls living in LA (working for Disney!) talking about life. They're so enjoyable and relatable to listen to 

The Sunday Scaries on apple podcasts - I've been a long time listener of this podcasts and think it's the perfect way to start my Monday. New episodes drop each Sunday morning and they're the literal definition of "chill" 

Who are your current favorite content creators?