Wednesday, September 23, 2020

fall 2020 bucket list

To say I've been anxiously awaiting fall is an extreme understatement. This summer has honestly kinda sucked and the promise of crisp fall days sounds so much better. With fall officially starting this week I wanted to share my fall 2020 bucket list. 

  • Re-read one Harry Potter book - these just scream fall to me 
  • Make an at home "tailgate" for an Ole Miss or Dallas Cowboys football game - the best part of at home football means you can drink without having to worry about a DD 
  • Vote in the 2020 elections! - Seriously this should be on everyone's list 
  • Make homemade chili from scratch - the perfect fall meal 
  • Celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary - if you have gift ideas let me know! 
  • Bake a pumpkin pie - my favorite fall treat! 
  • Decorate for Christmas - because Christmas starts as soon as you finish Thanksgiving turkey 

What's on your fall 2020 bucket list? 

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