Monday, October 5, 2020

What I've read in 2020 - Quarter 3

I read 16 books during quarter 3 of 2020. If you would have told me back in January that I'd read 16 books in just 3 months I'd have thought you were crazy. But honestly I wouldn't have believed anything you'd told me about the last 6 months. I'm 84% to my new 2020 reading goal of 45 books and according to goodreads currently 4 books ahead of schedule! 

The Golden Hour 3/5 - I was expecting more of story about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Edward and Wallis Simpson) serving as governor of the Bahamas during WW2. While they were more of background characters than the main story this one was overall enjoyable. 

The Accidental Beauty Queen 4/5 - I really enjoyed this one! Fun and easy read that made me thankful for my sisters. 

Tweet Cute 3/5 - This was overall a cute story that I could see being made into a successful Netflix movie. I think I would have found it more believable/relatable if they hadn't been high schoolers 

All the Light We Cannot See 3/5 - Really beautiful story that I didn't fully enjoy until it was over. I enjoy stories with a narrator, but switching between the two main characters stories did make it a quick read. 

The Boyfriend Project 4/5 - I really enjoyed this one! I was expecting something similar to that movie The Other Women with Carmen Diaz, but what I got was much better. All the characters that are supposed to be likable were likable; something that I find is really rare lately 

The Gatecrasher 3/5 - Cute enough story, but I wanted certain characters to be developed more. 

Code Name Helene 5/5 - I loved that this was based on a real woman and not just inspired by a group. I cannot recommend this enough for anyone looking for a good WW2 book 

The Grace Kelly Dress 4/5 - I wish this had been 3 times as long because I wanted to know so much more about each of the three main characters

Before We Were Yours 5/5 - This 100% lives up to the hype and may be the best book I've read this year. I think part of what made it so good is the believable  happy ending 

The Nightingale 3/5 - Enjoyable but didn't live up the hype. There are so many other books out there about females during WW2, this one isn't especially memorable 

The Hamilton Affair  3/5 - I read this one for my book club and full disclosure probably only finished it because of that. If you've watched the musical you really don't need to read this one. The best part were the parts told from Eliza's point of view

The Worst Best Man 2/5 - Fun story and likable characters. If you like romance novels you'll probably really like this one, but I could have done without the sex scenes 

The Wedding Date 4/5 - It was so nice/refreshing to read a love story that didn't begin with the couple hating each other. 

The Vanishing Half 4/5 - This was an easy read about a not easy subject. I think I'd enjoy it more if I had a book club to discuss it with because most of the topics are things I have no experience with. I'd recommend this to everyone to read about something outside of your normal world experience 

28 Summers 4/5 - The only thing keeping this from a 5 star review is how crummy I felt after reading this and realizing the "bad guy" that I was cheering against was the married woman who's husband is cheating on her

Beach Read 3/5 - This started so promising but in the end kinda fell flat. I did really enjoy the insight into what authors do for inspiration when writing books 

Looking for more book recommendations? Be sure to check out my Q1 and Q2 reads! Want these reviews in more real time? I post 15 second book reviews on my TikTok  @salsatheblog 

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