Saturday, November 28, 2020

My Wishlist Gift Guide

There is truly nothing I need this year, but my husband (my most valued reader) requested this gift guide, so here it is. I normally would ask for an experience, but in the time of Covid that isn't an option. So instead here are some things I would enjoy finding under the tree this year. 

Restaurant Gift Cards - If I'm being honest the best gift would be to not have to cook/clean the kitchen. One thing I've learned this year is I enjoy cooking, but I really, really dislike the cleaning. I'd gladly accept gift cards to my favorite Mexican restaurant or our new favorite burger spot

Earrings - I'm very into pretty and versatile stud earrings lately. Putting on a pair makes me feel more put together even if I'm just wearing loungewear while sitting around the house. These Silver Studs Gold StudsPearl Studs, and Brass Studs are some that I'm loving. 

Bookmark - I have done a lot of reading in 2020! I've mostly read ebooks, but sometimes I get off the library wait list faster for the physical ones. When that happens I'm grabbing anything I can find for a bookmark. This Taylor Swift bookmark, this Great Gatsby bookmark or this Little Woman bookmark are some fun ones. 

Nativity Set - When I was putting up my Christmas decorations this year I realized I don't own a nativity set. Growing up we had an extensive nativity village; like it took up a whole room and we'd joke that there would have been plenty of room for Jesus in our village. While I don't need something nearly as extensive I'd love a set of my own to help remember the reason for the season. This colorful tin set, wooden doll version, and this hand carved wooden set are ones I love. 

Donations - As I mentioned, I really don't need anything this year. I've been extremely lucky that my husband and I have kept our jobs during the pandemic, but so so many have not been so fortunate. I love the idea of spreading the holiday spirit to those who may not have the money to spend this year. A few organizations that I believe in are Junior League of Richardson, Dallas CASA, and my church Angel Tree

Ideas from past gift guides - I tend to share items that I'd enjoy in my gift guides. A few items from recent guides I'm especially lusting after are these napkins, this coffee mug, and this ornament.  

What's on your gift guide this year? 


  1. A nativity set is on my list this year too!

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