Wednesday, December 30, 2020

What I've read in 2020 - Quarter 4

Here we are at the end of 2020 and my final post in this series. When the year started I never dreamed I would have the time/desire/drive to read 53 books this year (I initially set a goal of 15!) but here we are! So without further ado here are the 15 books I read this quarter to end 2020. 

Majesty  4/5 - Fun and frivolous read! I enjoyed it more than the first one and hope there's a third; you do need to read American Royals first though. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  4/5 - I like to reread a Harry Potter every year at Halloween and this happened to be the one immediately available at my library. I forgot how many more details there are in the book than in the movie, especially in the Department of Mysteries

The Finishing Touches  4/5 - This one took a few chapters to get into, but then finished strong. Reminded me of an Emily Giffin book and I think would make a cute Netflix movie 

Sex and Vanity  3/5 - In the end I wanted to like this one so much more than I really did; overall it felt rushed and could have benefited from an additional 50 pages or so

Where the Crawdads Sing  3/5 - Better than I expected, but probably not something I'd recommend very often. The descriptions of nature and poetry throughout just weren't my thing.

The Unhoneymooners  4/5 - Cute and predicable in all the best ways 

The Proposal  3/5 - Loved that this one was about my favorite character from the Wedding Date! The story was fun and made a quick read, but a lot of the middle felt unneeded

An American Marriage 3/5 - This was a well written story about a difficult subject. I probably never would have picked this one up, but it was a book club pick, but ultimately I was glad to read it. 

I Owe You One  4/5 - One of my favorite Sophie Kinsella books. Cute and predictable without being too unrealistic

The Wedding Party  3/5 - Fun and quick read, but not the best of this series 

You Lucky Dog  2/5 - This had such strong potential but ended up just falling really flat and felt rushed at the end. 

The Jettsetters  2/5 - Don't let the cover fool you, this is not the happy feel good beach read I was expecting. I should have better read the other reviews

10 Blind Dates  4/5 - This one was a fun and quirky story that Netflix needs to pick up and turn into a movie. It's Christmasy in the same way The Holiday is, which is to say it's appropriate for all times of year 

Royal Holiday  5/5 - This was probably my favorite read of the year; delightfully ridiculous is the best way to describe this book. I loved reading a story where the two main characters instantly clicked and there was no major scandal or blow up that lead to them breaking up

Circe  2/5 - This isn't my style of book, but with that said overall it was well written and enjoyable. If you like fantasy or mythology I'd highly recommend

What did you read this quarter? What was your favorite read of 2020? 

PS: Be sure to turn in next week when I share my 2021 reading challenge picks! 

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Monday, December 7, 2020

My 2020 Favorites Gift Guide

Today I'm pretending to be Oprah and I'm sharing my favorite things! These are items that I've used and loved all year and think would make great gifts for someone. 

Disney + Subscription - Being able to watch so many Disney movies has brought me so much joy this year! I know there are a bunch of different streaming services out there, but Disney+ has been my favorite.  One thing to note if you're planning to gift this, you can only buy a gift card for a new subscriber, so if you're wanting to "gift" this to someone with a subscription already you'll want to give them money ($69.99 for a year) and a nice card that explains it is for a subscription. 

Amazon Fire Tablet - My husband convinced me to buy one of these last year and in 2020 I'm so so glad he did! I originally purchased this because I wanted one device that I could use to both watch and read when I travel. But honestly even without travel, I've used this so much in 2020. I love to use my tablet to borrow e-books from my library; something that has made reading so many books possible this year. 

Target Pajamas - Target makes my absolute favorite pajamas! They're affordable, breathable, and wash well. I have this set in pink and they're so soft; you really can't go wrong with any of this brand. 

Favorite Nail Polish - OPI Edinburgh-er & Tatties is my favorite neutral nail polish color. Doing my own nails this year has taught me the importance of having a favorite neutral color because it's more forgiving. Add this top and base coat duo and you've got a great self-care gift! 

Instantpot Duo - I've talked about how much we love this combo air fryer and pressure cooker before, but I couldn't post my favorite things without mentioning it again! One device that makes cooking at home easy and fun; you really can't beat it. 

What are your 2020 favorites that would make a great gift?