Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2021Reading Challenge Books

I have a goal of reading 30 books this year, or about 2.5 a month. Hopefully 2021 is a little busier work/travel wise meaning less time to read, so I think this is a happy medium between the 12 books I read in 2019 and the 53 I read in 2020. I thought a fun way to help encourage me to reach that goal is to make a reading challenge. I've never done this before so it could end up being a total disaster, but I thought it sounded like a fun idea! To make my list I decided to pick 21 specific books (inspired by my book club picks and the Popsugar reading challenge prompts) and leave the other 7 as miscellaneous ones that catch my eye during the year. 

1. Code Girls (January book club)

2. The Lions of Fifth Avenue (February book club)

3. A Woman is No Man (March book club)

4. The Dutch House (May book club) 

5. The Book of Longings (June book club) 

6. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (July book club) 

7. The Book Thief (December book club) 

8. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes  (A book by an author who shares your zodiac sign) 

9. Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune ( A magical realism book )

10. Z A Novel of Zella Fitzgerald ( A book whose title starts with “Q,” “X,” or “Z”) 

11. Evvie Drake Starts Over (A book about do-overs or fresh starts) 

12. The Night Portrait (A book about art or an artist) 

13. The Perfume Collector (The book that’s been on your TBR list for the longest amount of time)

14. The Lacuna (A book that has won the Women’s Prize for Fiction) 

15. Hollow Kingdom (A genre hybrid) 

16. Next Year in Havana (A book from your TBR list you meant to read last year but didn’t) 

17. The Floating Feldmans (A book featuring three generations (grandparent, parent, child) )

18. The Stationary Shop (The book on your TBR list with the prettiest cover) 

19. The Book of Lost Names (A book set in multiple countries)

20. The Rose Code (A book that published in 2021)

21. The Royal We (A book with a family tree) 

What's your reading goal this year? Do you make a reading challenge list?

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