Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I know Valentine's Day gets a bad name, but in my opinion that's completely wrong. What's not to love about a holiday devoted to love! Today I put together a few fun gift ideas. Obviously you don't need to give someone a gift to show your love (unless that's your love language) , but sometimes it's fun to give a little something! 

Personalized Mug / UGG Slippers / Headband / Heart Serving Spoon 

Treat Jar / Custom Stitched Placemat OPI Nail Polish 

PS : To my husband, I do not want/need any gifts this year. I'm buying the massage gun (which we know is as much a gift for me as you) and you can buy takeout. But if you really insist, I wouldn't say no to a king size Reese's Heart

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