Monday, March 15, 2021

25 ways to bring joy to the every day

You may remember my goal for 2021 is to appreciate the every day things that make life good. If it doesn't spark joy, it's got to go! About a quarter of the way into the year I'm happy to report this strategy is working and I'm feeling more optimistic and hopeful than I did a year ago. I know many are still struggling, so today I wanted to share 25 ways to bring joy to your every day. Joy is so personal, so some of these may not apply to you, but hopefully they provide you a good jumping off point to fill your life with more joy! 

1. Donate to cause you care about

2. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant 

3. Listen to your favorite song on repeat 

4. Call a family member

5. Make a list of all your accomplishments in the last year 

6. Clean out your junk drawer 

7. Print out and frame a favorite photo 

8. Take a nap 

9. Read your favorite magazine 

10. Go for a walk 

11. Take a PTO day just because 

12. Treat yourself to a fresh manicure 

13. Get dressed up just because 

14. Reconnect with an old friend 

15. Clean out your closet and donate what you no longer wear 

16. Bake a batch of cookies 

17. Spend an extra 30 minutes for your favorite hobby 

18. Take a social media break 

19. Watch your favorite movie 

20. Sonic happy hour 

21. Spend an afternoon volunteering 

22. Preset the coffee maker the night before 

23. Enjoy an at home face mask 

24. Cook your favorite meal 

25. Make a fancy cocktail 

How do you bring joy to your every day?

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