Monday, June 7, 2021

2021 Reading Challenge : Part 2

I have officially completed my 2021 reading challenge books! I knew I'd reach my goal this year, but I'm honestly surprised I finished it so quickly! As a refresher I challenged myself to read 30 books this year; 21 from specific prompts and the rest to be randomly selected. With more than half the year left obviously I'm not going to stop reading, but I also don't think I'll realistically stick to this reading pace. We are currently starting the 23rd week of the year, so I've been reading more than a book a week so far in 2021. So how do I update my 2021 reading challenge for the last 7 months of the year? I've decided to set my new reading goal to 51 books; or 3 books per month going forward. 

I was really conflicted about if I should make a new list of reading challenge books. On the one hand I liked that this challenge pushed me out of my comfort zone to read some things I normally wouldn't have picked up and made me finish some books that I probably otherwise would not have. But on the other hand I sometimes missed the flexibility to read something just published or immediately available from the library. So I decided for these next 21 books I'm going to pick 10 prompts; for each prompt I'm picking a few books that fit into that category. I'll consider the prompt complete once I read something that fits, even if it isn't one of the books I specifically call out here. The other books will be freebies. This means I can still pick up something new that just came out or read the current pick for one of my book clubs without feeling like I'm neglecting my list!  

1. A classic I've never read - These are those books that are on the "100 books to read before you die" type lists but I've never actually read. I know the story because I saw the movie or have just heard enough about the book, but have never actually read it. Ideas : Emma by Jane Austen, The Giver by Lois Lowrey, This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

2. A non WW2 historical fiction book - WW2 historical fiction is my favorite genre of book; I'm curious if I'm as interested in historical fiction that takes place in a different time. Ideas : The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict, The Social Graces by Renee Rosen, Band of Sisters by Lauren Willig

3. A book by an author I've never read - It's always nice to expand the list of authors I like; time to discover some new ones! Ideas : The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary, The Vacationers by Emma Straub, The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

4. A biography, autobiography, or memoir - This is a genre of books I don't read very often, but have a bunch of on my TBR list. Because the idea of this list is to push myself to read things I don't pick up as often I thought this was a perfect prompt! Ideas : Sisters First by Jenna Bush Hager, Becoming by Michelle Obama, From Scratch by Tembi Locke 

5. A possible book club recommendation - For one of the book clubs I'm in we all submit suggestions and then vote on the books we're going to read. We'll pick all the books for next year in the fall, so I want to have some good suggestions! Ideas : The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams, The Talented Miss Farwell by Emily Gray Tedrowe, The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman 

6. A book I don't know much about - These are books that are on my TBR list, but I don't know too much about. They were added to the list on impulse usually because I either liked the cover or the author. Ideas : The Beantown Girls by Jane Healey, The Marriage Game by Sara Desai, The Price of Inheritance by Karin Tanabe

7. A book it seems everyone else has read - Very similar to the first prompt of this list, but this one is for modern novels. These are the ones that seem to always end up on everyone's recommendation lists, but I've just never gotten around to reading. The Idea of You by Robin Lee, The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, 

8. A book in a series (or sequel) I've never finished - Unless I REALLY loved the first book or it left on a cliff hanger I often don't get to the rest of the books in the series. Ideas : Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams, The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan, When We Left Cuba by Chanel Cleeton

9. A book by an author I didn't love the first time - Everyone deserves a second chance! With so many books out there it's easy to write off an author if you don't love the first thing you read. Ideas : One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters by Balli Kaur Jaswal, People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry 

10. A book that takes place somewhere I'd like to visit- The wanderlust is real this year, if you can't travel this is the next best thing. Ideas : The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand, The Windsor Knot by S.J. Bennett, West End Girls by Jenny Colgan 

How are you doing on your reading goal for the year? What's been your favorite read of 2021? 

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