Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Five Homes

I was scrolling Instagram stories the other day and stumbled upon a great question someone asked Grace in an "ask me anything" style Q&A. If you owned 5 homes where would they be and what would they look like? It was such a fun question I knew I had to answer it for myself! 

A few things that I'm assuming in answering these questions. Money is no object; we've won the lottery. My husband and I live the type of life where we can just pick up and go whenever we want. We aren't fly private everywhere people, but we are first class only people. We have these homes now as young healthy 30somethings. 

1. DFW - I really love where we currently live and feel like it is the perfect forever town; I love our house but do realistically think we'll upgrade at some point. So if money were no object I would want to live in our current zip code but in a larger house. Something traditional with more square footage, one more bedroom, a large master bathroom, bigger kitchen, and dedicated office with lots of natural light. 

2. Colorado Rocky Mountains - This is always where I say I'd buy a second house if we were to win the lottery one day, specifically I'd buy the first condo I lived in when I moved to Vail. It was a two bedroom, two bathroom outdated unit, but I had such great memories there! And the view was impossible to beat; at night we could watch the snowcats grooming the slopes. I know there are much nicer and glamorous homes, but I specifically want my old unit. 

3. Washington, DC - You know I'd want a place in my favorite city! I'd love a cute apartment in the city within walking distance of the metro so I could bop around to my favorite spots. The other great part of having a home here is it is close to so many other big cities so it would be easy to take the train up to New York or Boston if I wanted a weekend getaway . 

4. Florida Beach - I grew up at the beach and while I would never want to live there full time again in this imaginary world where I own 5 homes I know I would want one on the beach. I think I'd prefer a condo vs. a house because I'm really more of a pool person than a sand person. I don't know exactly where in Florida I would pick, but I'd want somewhere that my dad could easily go fishing from. 

5. Western Europe - This is really the only one where I had to think and in the end I was still torn between two places; an airy and bright Parisian apartment and a simple villa (yes I realize how silly that sounds) in Lake Como. When I was little my aunt lived in Paris above a bakery and close enough to Notre Dame to hear the bells; still to this day I cannot think of anything that screams more of "main character" energy. In 8th grade my computer teacher gave us all old copies of National Geographic to practice our typing; mine had an article on Lake Como and I've been obsessed since. I've never visited either location so before making this purchase I would need to make a couple of trips. The good thing about either of these is they would give me a base to easily hop around Europe. 

Where would you want a home if money were no object? 

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