Monday, November 8, 2021

2021 Gift Guides - The Dog Parent

 Kicking off the 2021 gift guides today by sharing ideas for the dog parent! Show the "crazy dog mom" in your life that you really get her by gifting something for her best friend. I say this as a crazy dog mom myself. 

Treats / Light Up Collar / Collar 

Dog Rain Jacket / Duck Toy / Giraffe Toy / Travel Food Bowl 

A couple of highlights: 

1. My pup (lab terrier mix) has that giraffe toy and he LOVES it! The neck is soft and small enough for him to easily carry around everywhere. 

2. The Bocce Bakery soft and chewy treats really are soft! I randomly picked up the apple pie flavored treats and he loves them as much as a piece of string cheese, which is great because I feel better giving him one of these than a piece of string cheese. 

Are you shopping for any dog parents this year? 

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