Monday, November 15, 2021

2021 Gift Guides - Stocking Stuffers

The next edition of my 2021 gift guide features my favorite type of holiday gift; the stocking stuffer! My rules for stocking stuffers are pretty simple; the item must be able to fit in a stocking and must be $25 or under. Stockings are not the place for the most expensive gift! 

Socks  / Makeup Brushes  / Nail Polish / Burts Bees 

Under Eye Patches   / Weighted Eye Mask / Pearl Bow Earrings 

Magnetic Wristband / Spaghetti Measure / WallflowersHot Chocolate Mix / Mini Vacuum 

A couple of highlights 

1. I think chapstick is the ultimate stocking stuffer and burts bees makes my favorite! I think I've included some form of this in every stocking stuffer gift guide I've ever put together 

2. Those socks are UGG and less than $20. I've never tried them but UGG is known for great quality so they are probably fabulous and will feel a little more lux than anything else

3. That mini vacuum is truly mini. I think the real name is the smallest vacuum or something like that. It is adorable and I think would be perfect for someone to use at their desk. 

What are your favorite stocking stuffers? At what price do you think something goes from being a stocking stuffer to a "real" gift? 

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