Monday, November 22, 2021

2021 Gift Guides - things we own and love

Today I'm sharing my favorite gift guide to put together each year; things we own and love! These are all items that I (or my husband) personally own and highly recommend. I always think it's nice to give something that you've personally used and know if a good quality product. 

Bombas Socks / Slim Can Sleeves 

Dinner Bowls / Fire Tablet 

Vice Golf Balls / Yeti Rambler / Whipped Honey 

A couple of notes 

1. If you do get the Yeti I highly suggest also getting the straw cap; adding the straw has significantly helped me increase my daily water intake. 

2. I do not golf, but my husband highly recommends those golf balls. He says they are almost as good as the really expensive ones, but you're not as devastated if you lose one. 

3. We picked that whipped honey when we were in Savannah earlier this year for wedding and have loved finding new ways to use it. Savannah Bee Company has gift collections or you could just order the whipped honey and make your own foodie basket with items from other makers. 

What things do you own and love that would make a great gift? Need more ideas? Check out my 2020 favorites gift guide here

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