Monday, January 17, 2022

2022 Goals

Happy 2022! Today I thought it was about time to share my 2022 resolutions! Before I do that though I want to quickly talk about 2021. Last year got off to a rough start when my husband and I both tested positive for covid and then Dallas had a crazy freak freeze. I spent the first two months thinking 2021 was going to be a big repeat of 2020. But then we turned to March and things started to look up. I, along with all my immediate family, were able to get vaccinated. I continued leaning into my love of reading for fun and read 70 books and discovered a renewed interest in learning French via duolingo. I received a promotion and raise; we held our first in person event since March 2020. My husband was offered a great new job. And we finished the year visiting my family including my new niece! 

I say all that because I think when you look at the year as a whole it was a really good year. Sure it started off less than ideal but in the end it was more good than bad. And in 2022 that's really all I'm hoping for; more good than bad. 

And now onto my 2022 goals! 

Reading - Read 50 books including any book that has been on my TBR list since 2017 or earlier. My "want to read" list on Goodreads currently has almost 300 books on it. I've decided this is the year I want to make a serious dent in it and at least get rid of books that I no longer have an interest in reading. 

Professional - Pass three more classes towards my certification. I took the first four classes in 2021 so if I take three more that will leave me with only two to complete the program. Earning this certification is a big professional goal of mine! 

Health - Move my body at least 15 minutes every day. We joined a gym last summer and have been pretty consistent about going three times a week, but I want to increase that this year. In addition to adding an extra gym day I want to move my body even when I'm not in the gym. I've found a few 15 minute at home workout videos on Youtube that I want to try to do each day. 

Financial - Pay off our car loan. We bought a new car for my husband in June 2020 and I'd love to pay it off early this year.  

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