Tuesday, April 5, 2022

2022 First Quarter Life Update

Highs : 

  • We spent almost a week in Denver visiting my in-laws in January. It was so nice to spend a week just relaxing and enjoying their company. I think I read 4 books while we were there! 
  • We're moving! We had been casually talking about moving closer to my husband's office and thought we'd make the move later this year. But after visiting a couple of new build communities to just see what was out there we ended up putting a bid in on a home and it was accepted! We're scheduled to close in about a month. 

Lows : 

  • One of my favorite co-workers accepted a new job. I'm really excited for her because this is a great opportunity, but I'm obviously (very selfishly) bummed she is gone. 
  • I have been terrible about going to the gym this year. I think I've gone less than 5 times in the last two months. I try to remind myself that a lot of times I skipped the gym for a long walk with the pup to take advantage of the nice weather, but I'm still a little down on myself because I was doing so well at the end of last year. 

Books Read : 26 
  • Song - I'm still obsessed with the whole Red Taylor's Version album. Better Man is the most perfectly tragic song and I don't know why it doesn't get more hype 
  • TV - Below Deck! So far this year we've had a season in the Caribbean and have started a Medertaraniln Sailing Yacht season 
  • Social Media - I am still loving TikTok and have especially been loving the account @thefeastinfabfour.  It is 4 high school girls who share what they're eating for lunch each day. I have no idea why it is so interesting, but it is