100 in 1001

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Start Date - January 1, 2018 
End Date - September 28, 2020

1. Get engaged
2. Plan my wedding
3.  Get married
4.  Change my name
5.  Buy a home
6.  Start a savings fund for my future children’s college
7.  Join a Bible study
8.  Have an emergency fund with 6 months worth of living expenses
9.  Go on a family vacation with my parents and siblings
10. Understand how my 401K works
11. Become a member of a church parish
12. Reconnect with an old friend

13. Write professionally
14. Have a side hustle
15. Attend a networking event
16. Get a professional certification
17. Become a salaried employee
18. Write a great LinkedIn caption
19. Update my blog “about” page
20.  Find a mentor
21.  Be a guest speaker
22. Learn a new resume skill
23. Become conversational in a new language
24. Update my writing samples
25. Create a 5 year plan

26. Visit 3 new states
27. Get two stamps in my passport
28. Visit Disneyland
29. Visit Disneyworld
30. Visit Harry Potter World
31. Go on a cruise
32. Attend the Albuquerque hot air balloon fiesta
33. Visit NOLA as a tourist
34. See a Broadway play
35. Enjoy a staycation
36. Visit my sorority little in Austin
37. Visit a National Park
38. Tour a winery or brewery
39. Eat five new foods at the Texas State Fair

40. Be the weight on my driver’s license
41. Train for a 5K
42. Run a 5K
43. Take a barre class
44. Take a cycling class
45. Take a yoga class
46. Drink nothing but water for a month
47. Go to the doctor for a yearly checkup
48. Shop only from the perimeter of the grocery store for a month
49. Eat only salads for dinner for two weeks
50. Have a no junk food month
51. Have a no alcohol month
52. Complete a Pinterest fitness challenge
53. Go for a bike ride
54. Run a mile without stopping

Just for Fun
55. Read 30 new books
56. Reread 5 favorite books
57. Host a Cinco de Mayo party
58. Own a Gray Malin piece
59. Watch 5 Academy Award winning films
60. Get my palm read
61. Join a book club
62. Play a round of mini golf
63. Have a digital free weekend
64. Try a new spa procedure
65. Host a wine and cheese night with friends
66. Reconnect with Theta as an alum
67. Attend a NFL game
68. Attend a NHL game
69. Attend a NBA game
70. Send out Christmas cards
71. Host a family holiday
72. Host a Grove tent
73. Clean out my closet
74. Reach $300 worth of sales on Poshmark
75. Attend the ballet
76. Attend 3 concerts
77. Take a cooking class
78. Create a Tshirt quilt
79. Join the Junior League
80. Rewatch a favorite television series
81. Make a complicated Pinterest recipe
82. Have two no spend months
83. Print off photos and delete them from my phone
84. Delete old phone contacts
85. Bake something from scratch
86. Do a canvas and cocktails type class
87. Get paid out from Shopstyle
88. Make Grammie’s spaghetti
89. Reach 1200 Instagram followers
90. Send 30 handwritten notes
91. Join a fantasy league

92. Volunteer regularly for a cause
93. Donate Blood
94. Become a CASA
95. Adopt an Angel Tree child
96. Bring breakfast for my coworkers
97. Give to Theta yearly
98. Grow out my hair to donate
99. Write to my Congressman about an issue
100.  Buy a just because gift for someone else
101. Donate $1 for everything I don’t accomplish on this list

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